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Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the journalists and arts reviewers who have taken the time to learn about our theaters and promote us. You are supporting local business and local culture as well as introducing new patrons to Marine City and our theaters every time you promote us.

2013 & 2014

Riverbank Theatre in Marine City Taking Shape - The Voice News, 10/06/2014

Variety of Halloween Fun Offered in Marine City - The Voice News, 10/09/14

'Gypsy' Thrills Full House at The Snug Theatre - The Voice News, 7/12/14

'Gypsy' Near End of Thrilling Run - The Voice News, 7/17/14

Harsens Island Historical Group Teams up with Marine City's Snug - The Voice News, 4/11/14

Virginia based actor stars in The Snug's production of 'Gypsy' - The Voice News, 6/28/14

Marine City entrepreneurs recognized after completion of rental units - The Voice News, 6/7/14

Puppets Star on Snug Theatre Stage - The Voice News, 8/8/14

Marine City Artist Paints Scenery for the Snug - The Voice News, 7/11/14

Small Business Week Celebrates Small Business Owners - The Voice News, 5/15/14

Snug Theatre Deposits Drama in a New, Bigger Venue - The Times Herald, 4/28/14

Patrons Get Close in Snug Theatre - The Times Herald, 12/19/12

Drama in Marine City - The Times Herald, 1/30/14

Snug Theatre Owners Purchase Site for Another Theatre in Marine City - The Voice News, 1/30/14

Children and Puppets at the Snug - WGRT, 8/11/14

Surprise Engagement at The Snug - YouTube

The Snug Theatre Opens the Curtain to First Show on Thursday -, 7/9/13

Interview with Kathy Vertin - The Paul Miller Show WPHM, 9/4/14

Interview with Kathy Vertin - The Paul Miller Show WPHM, 5/9/14

Rental Rehab Program Building More Marine City Upstairs Apartments - The Voice News, 2/17/14

Chesterfield Man Proposes Before Audience at Snug Theatre - The Voice News, 1/3/14

Marine City's Snug Premiers Musical 'Hello, Dolly!' - The Voice News, 9/13/13