Sunday, January 7 - 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, January 9 - 2:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Riverbank Theatre, 358 S. Water Street, Marine City 48039

We are offering two dates for our 2018 General Audition, and casting only the roles  you see below. Please sign up for a specific date by submitting the form on this page. You may come to the general audition at any time during the time slot.

If auditioning for a musical or combination of musicals and plays, please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue as well as a 32 bar up-tempo and a 32 bar ballad selection. If auditioning for straight plays only, please prepare two 1-2 minute contrasting monologues. You may be asked to cold read. 

Rehearsals are typically scheduled 3-4 times per week up to 6 weeks prior to the production for a musical and 5 weeks prior for a straight play. We strive to use your time wisely and will only require you to be at rehearsals in which your character is needed. Tech week attendance is mandatory (Sunday- Thursday prior to opening). All actors receive a stipend for the run. Youth auditions will be held for A Christmas Story at a later date

2018 Productions & Character Information

Titanic Graphic.png

MAY 4-20, 12 performances


**Most Characters will play multiple roles. See Audition Form below.**

Download detailed character descriptions here.

*12 Performances: May 4 - 20, 2018*


Thomas Andrews, (Designer and Builder), Tenor (A2-G4)
Frederick Barrett, (Stoker), Tenor (A2-G4)
Harold Bride, (Telegrapher), Baritone (C3-G4)
Frederick Fleet, (Lookout), Tenor (C3-G4)
Captain E. J. Smith, (Captain), Baritone (Bb2-F4)
J. Bruce Ismay, (Owner) Baritone (A2-G4)
Charles Clarke, (2nd Class Passenger) Tenor (B2-F#4)
Edgar Beane, (Second Class Passenger) Bari/Bass (G2-D4)
Isidor Strauss, (1st Class Passenger) Bass/Baritone (F2-F4)
Jim Farrell, (3rd Class Passenger) Baritone (B2-F#4)
Henry Etches, (Senior 1st Class Steward) Tenor (B2-G4)
First Officer Murdoch (Officer) Baritone (C3-F#4)
Second Officer Lightoller (Officer) Baritone (C3-D4)
Bellboy Edward Harris (Serving Staff) Tenor (B2-F#4)
Young Boy (First Class Passenger) Tenor (Unchanged Voice)


Alice Beane, (2nd Class Passenger) Mezzo (Ab3-E5)
Caroline Neville, (2nd Class Passenger) Mezzo (Bb3-Eb5)
Kate McGowan, (3rd Class Passenger) Soprano/Mezzo (A3-F#5)
Kate Murphey, (3rd Class Passenger) Soprano/Mezzo (G3-F#5)
Kate Mullins, (3rd Class Passenger) Soprano/Mezzo (G3-F#5)
Ida Strauss, (1st Class Passenger) Alto (G3-D5)

millie graphic.png

June 29 – July 22, 15 performances


Millie Dillmount A spunky, modern woman trying to make it in New York City. She falls in love with Jimmy. Our story's protagonist. Female, age 20 to 25; Vocal range E5 to G#3

Jimmy Smith A suave city slicker who unexpectedly becomes the story's hero. He falls in love with Millie.
Male; Age 20 to 30; Vocal range A4 to C3.

Mrs. Meers A former actress turned human trafficker pretending to be a kindly chinese woman. She oversees the Hotel Priscilla where she secretly sells her tenants. Female; Age 45 to 55;
Vocal range Bb4 to E3.

Miss Dorothy Brown A naive, wealthy girl who has moved to New York to change her lifestyle. She becomes Millie's roommate and confidant. Female; Age: 20 to 25;  Vocal range C6
to B3.

Ching Ho A Chinese immigrant working to bring his mother to the United States. Younger brother of Bun Foo and henchman to Mrs. Meers. Sings and speaks in chinese. Male; Age18 to 25;
Vocal range: E4 to Bb2.

Bun Foo A Chinese immigrant working to bring his mother to the United States. Older brother of Ching Ho and henchman to Mrs. Meers. Sings and speaks in chinese. Male; Age 20 to 30;
Vocal range: E4 to E3

Miss Flannery An uptight, stern office manager. She runs the stenographer pool at Sincere Trust Insurance Company. Female; Age 35 to 45; Vocal range: D5 to Bb3.

Trevor Graydon An executive at the Sincere Trust Insurance Company. He is sharp, ambitious, and secretly romantic. Male; Age 30 to 40;  Vocal range: G4 to A2.

Muzzy Van Hossmere A glamorous actress and singer at a nightclub. She becomes Millie's friend and mentor.
Female; Age 35 to 45; Vocal range: D5
to G#3.

Ensemble Moderns; Stenographers; Hotel Priscilla Girls; Muzzy's Boys

Dixie Graphic.png

August 3 – 26, 15 performances


SHEREE HOLLINGER, the perennial team captain, is practical, supportive and a fount of boundless energy. Never without her to-do lists or Pocket Scheduler, her tendency to be hyper-organized occasionally drives her friends a bit crazy. She’s the eternal tomboy, a health nut and an all-American mom who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her family.

DINAH GRAYSON, the wise-cracking cynic of the group, has fought her way to the top and relished the view. A lawyer in the biggest and most prestigious law firm in Atlanta, Dinah excels at everything...except romance. Armed with a dry martini and an even drier sense of humor, Dinah seldom reveals her softer side as she tackles life head-on.

LEXIE RICHARDS, a true Southern belle who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is the vain, youth-obsessed event planner for a chain of four-star hotels. She hasnever shied away from the occasional nip or tuck and keeps her cosmetic surgeonon speed dial. Always one to revel in her status as a man-magnet, Lexie can be counted on to share wild and hilarious tales of her romantic exploits.

JERI NEAL MCFEELEY is the ditzy ray of sunshine of the group. She’s perky and naïve and always sees the positive side of everything. Having been a nun for many years, Jeri Neal has been protected from life’s seamier side. Even though she appears to be predictable on the surface, Jeri Neal, recently relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia, continually makes life choices that surprise and amaze her friends.

VERNADETTE SIMMS is a hard luck case if there ever was one. Marriage and motherhood came shortly after college, a dark cloud has hovered above her ever since. A public school teacher, with limited finances and a problematic home life in Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina, Vernadette is self-deprecating by necessity. She faces her tribulations with gallows humor and the unwavering support of these lifelong friends.

September 7 – 30, 14 performances


Sherlock Holmes - a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Known as a "consulting detective" in the stories, Holmes is known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic, which he employs when investigating cases for a wide variety of clients, including Scotland Yard. Must have standard British accent.

Doctor Watson - is Sherlock Holmes' friend, assistant and sometime flatmate, and the first person narrator of all but four of these stories. He is described as the typical Victorian-era gentleman, unlike the more eccentric Holmes. He is astute, although he can never match his friend's deductive skills. Must have standard British accent

Actor 1: Multiple characters and accents: Dr. Mortimer, Baron Scarpia, Man with Black Beard, Lucy, Milker, Castilian Desk Clerk, Train Conductor, Trap Driver, Barrymore, Stapleton, Victor, Doctor McCann, Country Farmer, Sir John Falstaff.

Actor 2: Multiple characters and accents: Sir Charles, Baskerville, Daisy, Sir Hugo Baskerville, Bradley the Tobacconist, Sir Henry Baskerville, Wilson, Inspector Lestrade

Actress 1: Multiple characters and accents: Mrs. Hudson, Maiden, Shepherdess, Floria Tosca, Cartwright, German Maid, Baby, Mrs. Clayton, Mrs. Barrymore, Miss Stapleton, Nurse Malloy, Winnie, Nurse Mackeeble, Laura Lyons



escanaba graphic.png

Oct. 12 – Nov. 14, 14 performances


ALBERT SOADY: (early sixties) Patriarch of the Soady clan and narrator of the story.

REUBEN SOADY:  (35) Albert’s oldest son. Married to Wolf Moon Dance. Carries the distinction of never “hangin’ a single buck on da buck pole”.

REMNAR SOADY: (33) Albert’s youngest son. Not “da sharpest tool in da shed” but a good hunter.

JIMMER NEGAMANEE: Close friend of the Soady’s. Was abducted by aliens for an entire weekend, and when he came back he was different. Very different.

RANGER TOM T. TREADO: (early forties) Ranger for the DNR. He came up from Detroit for the start of deer season and believes that he saw God up on the ridge.

WOLF MOON DANCE: (thirties) Full- blooded Ojibwa and wife of Reuben Soady.

Nov. 16 – Dec. 22, 18 performances


Jean Shepherd/Narrator: (late 40's to early 60's). Jean Shepherd is the actual author of the books that the story is based on, as well as the actual narrator voice we hear in the 1983 movie! On stage, he is a warm, charismatic and engaging storyteller; omniscient but not overpowering. A good-natured curmudgeon with a deadpan sense of humor. The actor playing this role acts as a narrator, interacts with the actor playing Ralphie, and appears in scenes as different minor characters. Must be comfortable talking to the audience.

Mother: (30's to 40's) She is the secret engine that runs the family, keeping the Household together with a smile – despite bickering children, limited funds, an x-rated lamp in the living room window, a cranky furnace and a crankier husband. Vibrant, warm, affable – but not a Pushover. Vocal range is G3 to D♭

Miss Shields: (30’s to 50’s). Ralphie’s 5th grade teacher, a seemingly stereotypical 1940s educator -- prim and proper, stern when necessary – though warm and even humorous when the situation merits it. In Ralphie's fantasy, she transforms into a dynamic, brassy, show – stopping belter and tap-dancing phenomenon! Vocal range is F#3 to D5.

Santa: (30s to 60s) The Santa Claus at Higbee's Department Store is ill-tempered, slightly inebriated and very unhappy with his job – nothing like the Jolly Old Elf of the Christmas stories. He gets rid of each kid as fast as he can – probably to shorten his day so he can head to the nearest “watering hole” The same actor may be part of the adult male ensemble.

Adult Ensemble: a mix of strong singers and dancers who will play a variety of smaller roles in scenes as well as large production numbers including Santa's Elves in Higbee's Department Store.

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